About Us

Bring Your Vision to Life

We are event architects. We will help you create a powerful story and awe-inspiring event experience that captivates your audience and provides you with measurable results. Our vision is all about creating amazing events: Smart, Bold & Experiential.

What do we do? We take the various size of corporate and social events under our wings—corporate events, conferences & conventions, theme / social dinner, exhibition, product launching, audiovisual, sound & light & entertainment. At Venaxswell, our team of experts are well-versed in many areas such as project management, concept & design, hospitality services, and marketing (ideation, collateral management, design, marketing strategy, video production & photography production).


The Venaxswell Experience

How do we work? We are recognised for bringing exceptional events to our clients. With our seamless project management and strategic application of our skill sets, we are able to produce integrated and important business results within our client’s environment. The depth of our resources within our team ensure that we are able to sustain consistent high-quality service delivery.

At Venaxswell, we exploit the spirit of your vision and with our resources, we create lasting memories for you. So, when it comes to inspiring you and your guest, we provide skilled planning with our proven experience and groundbreaking ideas. Here, we strive to make our client the star of the event and the participants in awe with their experience.